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Welcome to N. Sang-Udom

We are a General Merchandise facilitator. Our sourcing and buying network extends directly or through intermediaries. While we source from large-scale farmers, the vast majority are smallholders in emerging markets so our teams are based on the ground, all year round, in as many production areas as possible. This means we can help to improve yields, quality and environmental practices. Our digital team is also helping us to overcome physical limitations and reach farmers directly with advice and payments, even in the remotest of regions with limited infrastructure.


Guaranteed customer satisfaction

Our processing and innovation units create ingredient formats, blends and recipes to satisfy multiple consumer demands, from taste and aroma, to clean label and convenience.

Assurance on the quality

Through research and development, we create better quality, great tasting and more reliable products through innovation in yield optimisation, flavours and disease resistance, which meets our customers' needs improves the livelihoods

Tailored by a team of experts

We pride ourselves on finding solutions that work for everyone involved. But as there’s always room for improvement, our experts strive to innovate throughout the supply chain.

Integrity and consistency at its best

Safety, quality, efficiency and environment are cornerstones throughout the process. We have invested in facilities both close to production and close to customer markets, facilitating trade, creating employment and reducing our carbon footprint.
Our broad product portfolio in both the Northern and Southern hemispheres, combined with integrated end-to-end capabilities across the supply chain, reduces risk and provides a reliable supply all year round for our customers.

100% Natural

All our products are naturally farmed and has been organically tested. We don't compromise with the quality

Fast procedures and processes

Time is a very rare resource, we put in our very best of efforts to ensure ``Just in Time`` service

Rich Experience

Our award winning company retains only the most skillful and qualified pair of hands to ensure our smooth running.
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